Pain Propaganda / Video Art

I got my start with animated art on the web via code, but preserving that art on the medium can be risky; browsers have bugs, web technology changes, and even the devices rendering it introduce new variables.. So I decided to switch to video animation to create new and interesting pieces, as well as preserve my older animated artwork for you to enjoy.

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The World is a Dumpster Fire

LGBTQ+ folks (but predominantly trans, non-binary and drag performers) are the latest greatest target for Republican ire in order to give the masses an "other" to focus on while they fleece America in so many ways. We must be strong, support each other, and combat the hate with all our energy. We must tell our friends and family that if they support the politicians who legislate hate that they will no longer be our allies.

Live With Coal / Plan For Diamonds

With everything I do, I absolutely must continue to learn, and in order to learn, I have to embrace the beginning. In order to embrace the beginning, I have to humble myself. With each new start, I have to live with coal. Allow myself to embrace the difficulty of learning, with the goal of shining like a diamond. If I don't assume a humble attitude, I risk being unable to see my failings as I learn. If I instead assume I'll never succeed, I will create my own failure.

Gambling On Life

This is a video-based version of artwork I had done previously as web-based animation. Read the blog series that accompanies this animation.


55 percent refers to the percentage of Americans (as of current polling data when this is published) who identify as pro-choice. Even more Americans support abortion rights.. And many of them do so in secret. We must fight the danger that has come about with the overturning of Roe v. Wade.