I wish I had as many fingers as Stable Diffusion thinks I do

Fuck the AI art hate

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medium: Photography, Photo Manipulation & AI

by WFL

As a handicapped artist, AI has really revolutionized how I create, letting me do things I could only do long ago, back when my body worked like it should.

With all the hate surrounding AI art, I thought it would be fun to make a little tongue-in-cheek piece showcasing my feelings to the haters out there who think ALL AI art is bad.

.. I mean, hands are hard for everybody, right?

Composition was done by photographing my hand flipping the bird, and feeding it to the AI to get it to do it's usual "what the fuck" with hands, then blending my photo and the AI output and adding my own photography post-processing standard workflow (actually based on my "Aged to Dust" style).