Creeping in from the shadows of gaming

The Ghost

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medium: Illustration, Photo Manipulation & AI

by WFL

One of my many, many side-hustles is running a gaming website focused on stealth, sniper and tactical games. The branding for this is an illustration I did of a skull wearing unique night vision goggles and a face mask.

I wanted to create something somewhat photo-realistic based on this, but I don't have access to a human skull.. or night vision goggles. Photographing it wasn't going to happen, so I turned to AI.

I generated multiple parts separately to create this using manipulated versions of the Ghost Gamer News logomark as a seed image along with some clever prompting, and then combined and repainted parts to get the core image. After that, I utilized post-processing techniques to match my photography style (rich shadows minus true black, high ISO noise, slight shifts in color temperature).