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A free to play game that is worth spending a little money on? Ok, why not.

How I came to love Warframe, 10 years later

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Hannibal LaGrange University is a world of hate, hypocrisy, and ignorance

My experience of hate at HLGU

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Being physically creative as a spoonie takes some work.

Making my own stamped leather morale patches

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Neurodivergent obsession over what I did wrong is a challenge.

Handling Criticism as Neurodivergent Developer

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Advocating for accessible gaming shouldn't be so challenging.

Lies of P (and Soulslikes): Easy Mode

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As a spoonie, sleep is hard to attain. Good sleep is fucking impossible.

Gambling on Life: One weird trick to improve my sleep as a spoonie

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My broken ass relies on you folks to get stabbed with the good stuff.

Gambling on Life: Get your damned vaccines!

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Measuring air quality and creating (sometimes vulgar) visualizations

What A Dumpster Fire

- filed under The Dumpster Fire Project

With fall comes a rise (in pain)

Gambling on Life: Changing Seasons, Changing Pain

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