Exist to resist.

Oppose the hate. Be militantly you.

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by WFL

America has been changing dramatically since the Trump presidency. Thanks to the packing of the Supreme Court with right-leaning judges, a lot of things that Americans have taken for granted are now either gone, or teetering on the brink.

Roe v. Wade. Affirmative action. Discrimination. These are just a handful of things the Supreme Court has tackled an turned around in a way that is costing us, as Americans, a great deal.

We also have to deal with states themselves legislating hate and making folks like me and my LGBTQ+ family into pariahs.

While we wait for the political machine to turn and hopefully begin reversing some of this, there is something we can do. Something simple, yet significant (besides - and I can't stress this enough - voting blue no matter who).

We can militantly exist in defiance of the judgements against us.

I proudly wear my pride patch on my day pack, nail polish whenever my hands work enough to maintain it, and will speak up against the oppression whenever it rears it’s fucked up head.

Now, I will note that I am lucky. I live in Illinois; granted, it’s a (very) conservative part of Illinois, but it is Illinois. I’m relatively safe here.

I will note, however, that I do display my “Range Queen” pride patch on my range bag every time I go out to do some precision rifle shooting or target practice with my pistol.

The more folks see us, and see us not being what demon they’ve been told we are, the more opinions we can hopefully change for the better.

By taking a stand and being militantly you, displaying your colors proudly, you’re showing them that not only will you not be cowed, you are a human being and deserve to be treated as valuable to society.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be in a place not safe for you, I understand; I don’t begrudge you for hiding at all, and welcome you to find a place where you are safe so you CAN be militantly you.

If you are someone who feels a deep-seated passion to stand up among the sea of hate, I support you, too.

We all should do what we can to exist as we are. We shouldn’t be required to cower in fear of a minority voice that preaches hate.

If we have to deal with the 1776 dog whistles from the Gravy Seals, they can deal with pink & rainbow kings and queens singing Cher.. And I bet we can get louder.