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Child's Play Charity: The Headlines Project

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by WFL

There are plenty of things to be thankful for. A common thankfulness among the throng of families enjoying the holidays is for their health.

What if you didn't have your health to be thankful for, though?

That's why I'm doing a special Headline this Thanksgiving; This holiday season, I'm spreading the word of Child's Play Charity via my head.

I love Child's Play Charity, but let me share a very simple reason why you should, too, before I go in-depth: No money goes to middlemen.

You can literally buy toys, games, and more for Children's hospitals. You pick the hospital, go to it's Amazon wishlist, and buy what they've asked for. You can buy anything from Crayons to an XBox, and every little bit helps.

I have a more personal reason for loving Child's Play Charity, though.

I used to be a very sick kid. I spent a fair amount of time in doctor's offices and hospitals. It is exceptionally depressing to lay in a hospital bed, waiting for the doctor who is going to inevitably poke and prod at you, performing sometimes painful tests, and administering medication that typically makes you feel worse before you feel better.

We didn't have anything but copies of 321 Contact and Highlights magazines (don't get me wrong; I learned how to program thanks to 321 Contact, but sometimes you need a better distraction). You can only solve so many printed puzzles (many of which are already filled out) before the depression sinks in further.

Having toys and games makes being sick and tired of hospitals more bearable. Nothing makes getting bloodwork done go smoother than a great movie to watch, or a video game to play. Even better than that is being able to share that time with your family; your little brother or sister doesn't want to be stuck in the hospital either while you get prodded, so why not help them enjoy the stay, too?

If you're still not convinced, read the Child's Play Testimonials.

You may say to yourself, "Hospitals charge so much for treatment, surely they can buy their own toys!"

Treatment costs a lot, yes, but so does the equipment. And staff. And the facility itself. It isn't an infinite resource that they can tap any time they need a new MRI machine.

So, this Thanksgiving, please.. Think of the children who are sick and need your help to make their hospital stay less painful. Donate to Child's Play Charity!

You can grab the Child's Play Charity Headline here. Feel free to remove my logo; all I care about is spreading the word of Child's Play!


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