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Gambling on Life: Get your damned vaccines!

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by WFL

This post, like others that will follow it, is a continuation of my Gambling On Life series.

Look at me.


Look me in these virtual eyes.


Are you looking?


Fucking look then, dammit!


I need you to get the latest COVID-19 vaccine.

No matter when you're reading this, there is probably a COVID-19 vaccine available, or a booster.

Fucking get it.

There are countless folks out there who are relying on you to get it, including me.

I don't describe my general health as "a broken fun-house mirror directed by David Lynch" because it's funny (even though it is).

It's because my body does not react well to getting sick, and COVID-19? Well, I had it once.

The mild variant.

After vaccination & boosting.

It wrecked me for a whole goddamned month.

I lost over a week of work, and even when I went back to work it took forever for me to get back to 100%.

It wasn't just the sniffles, either.. I had heart problems, extreme pain all over my entire body (more than usual, because - remember - fun-house mirror, David Lynch, haha, self-deprecation), and more.

Last week I got the new vaccine. I had to time it to when I had at least 24 hours to be dead to the world, because, shocker..

..My body doesn't handle vaccines well either.

My body was absolutely wracked with pain within 6 hours of getting it, and for another 36 hours, I was not in a good state. The pain was like when I had shingles, but.. Everywhere.

That first night I got 30 minutes of sleep total.

If it weren't for dosing myself with some meds, I wouldn't have slept the next night, either.

My heart was doing a dance that a younger man would get exhausted by after a few minutes, too, which.. Isn't good.

It was honestly a real risk for me to get that vaccine, but because I live in a town where adoption of even the bivalent booster is just 10%?

Yeah, I have to take the risk and get it, because folks here sure as shit don't care enough to get it (and if you say "just move", you try fucking moving yourself when you're handicapped, have a mortgage, and can't afford to go through the process of finding a new doctor, let alone a new home).

For those of you who would say I should be nicer about telling people to get a vaccine..

..Plenty of folks have been trying that shit.

It isn't working.

If you're too selfish or ignorant to get a vaccine that even MY shitty insurance will cover 100%..

..What the fuck is wrong with you?

If you're scared of needles, look.. I get it.

Long story short, when I was a child I was punished by a babysitter with injections. I have some fucking TRAUMA with needles. Fight or flight? You're damned straight; both, if I'm not prepared.

I still fuckin' got that stick, though.

Get off your ass and get yours.