EDC can also mean "Emergengy Damned Cane", FYI

My every-day carry (EDC) as a spoonie

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by WFL

As a spoonie, I carry a lot of stuff with my wherever I go. My every day carry pack also changes depending on the activities for the day, but a few things are consistent. Here's my breakdown of my EDC as a spoonie.

First, let's talk about the bag. I'm using an old 5.11 Tactical 24/hr pack with a series of D-rings in the molle webbing.

This pack has lasted me a long time, and has taken a shit-ton of abuse, without a single stitch ever coming loose.

In most cases I'd say avoid the "tacticool" look for your EDC - as it can make you look like a target if the shit hits the fan - but for me, it's a practical choice.

You see, since I walk with a cane, I only have one hand free at any point in time to carry something.. And this bag - thanks to the molle webbing and D-rings - allows me to attach stuff as-needed to my bag, making things like shopping trips much more reasonable.

Another benefit to this bag is the side zipper pockets; In one I keep an umbrella, and in the other - as you can plainly see - I keep a backup folding cane.

I carry a backup folding cane for 2 reasons: In case something happens to the cane I'm currently using (broken tip, or even outright breaking itself), and if my regular cane gets muddy/dirty and I need something clean to use inside someone's house.

The bag also has a padded glasses compartment at the top where I keep a backup pair of sunglasses (my eyes are my life, so.. Yeah, gotta take care of those).

I also carry a bunch of misc. items inside the bag: Electrical tape, a bandana (much like a towel, a bandana fulfills many important roles), a mask, hand sanitizer, a light, a charger for my phone (well, usually.. Looks like I forgot to put it back recently), and.. A pocket survival guide.

That pocket survival guide is useful because it has some great info on remedies for various issues I might encounter when proper treatments aren't available, and it really doesn't take up much space in the pack to be a negative at all. It's also not written like a prepper's masturbatory aid, and is instead focused on practical knowledge.

Everything else in the bag changes up depending on the situation. I'll frequently carry my laptop and a mouse, a hoodie, a book, and for times when I'm going to be away for more than 6 hours: Spare medication. For a day trip I'll take just my random emergency-use meds, but if I'm gone for more than 24 hours I'll carry enough meds for however many days I'm gone plus 3 extra days (enough time to get a prescription at a pharmacy for anything I take regularly).

Additionally, things like bottled water, snacks (I'm partial to peanut butter cookies - soft, tasty and has protein), bandages and more can be useful. If you find yourself needing to wrap your joints, carrying ACE wraps (self-adhering ideally) is always a smart decision.

Outside of the bag I've got just a handful of items. On my keychain I carry a Gerber Dime multitool; small enough to always have in my pocket, and has a handful of my "must have" tools. I can't tell you how many times I've had to make use of this thing to open a box, fix my GF's lock on her car, trim something up, and more (plus, you know.. Bottle opener).

As far as wallets go, I've been in love with my Trayvax 2.0 metal wallet. Once I got it sized properly, it made managing my cards and cash much, much easier with my poor hand function.. And it's solid enough to take some abuse itself.

In my coat (during colder weather) I'll carry a second spare mask, regular gloves, and a pair of compression gloves (that can be worn under the regular gloves as-needed, or on their own).

..And, well, that's pretty much it for the critical stuff. Obviously I have my phone, and also frequently carry some sugar-free mints (when I quit smoking I used nicotine lozenges, which I later switched with sugar-free mints).

I hope you found this helpful in compiling your own EDC carry bag as a spoonie!