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Pop Music Isn't Music: The Headlines Project

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by WFL

First, allow me to clarify: I'm using the term "Pop Music" to reference music produced by the mainstream music industry. Stuff like Justin Bieber, Kanye, Britney Spears and their ilk are what I'm talking about with this headline.

Secondly, allow me to cite the primary inspiration for this headline; Guy Forsyth made an excellent observation of popular music, and that observation has prompted this expression.

Allow me to paraphrase: Popular radio and music works because it is designed to appeal to the greatest number of people. It isn't there to offend. It's manufactured to be acceptable to a wide variety of listeners, rather than explore new horizons and touch on great ideas.

Mine, as well as Guy's points are that we should look toward the nooks and crannies of the music industry for true music. Find the art in music again. Find something that truly inspires, brings your mind someplace amazing, and makes you feel passionate. Turn on an independent radio station and you'll hear countless breathes of life into a seemingly lifeless modern music machine.

I'm getting off track, however. My point about pop music can be easily made with just a few links.

Britney Spears and lip syncing. Kanye West ruins Bohemian Rhapsody. Of course, there is also the great book by Moses Avalon, "Confessions of a Record Producer".

The major music industry is a machine designed to churn out what I'd describe as something akin to buying "art" at Walmart. Pieces that are designed to have mass appeal, and sell quickly and easily. The largest issue I have with such things are that it devalues the work of truly creative, unique artists who are constantly reinventing themselves and the music world itself.

Take a moment to visit a common music store, and browse the selection. Pick 10 random CDs, and look at the record label. I'll bet most of what you look at was put out by one of the big three.

Sure, looking for good music takes effort.. Or does it? We've got the Internet, a vast resource for everything creative. Here's just one of many resources to find indie music. You can also easily ask a person for new music, or check out Pandora.

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