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Sexuality Isn't Simple: The Headlines Project

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by WFL

I'm 32 years old as of writing this. I grew up in a small rural community. I never (thought) I met a gay person until college (and even then, it was very hush hush, due to attending a private Baptist college that had very strict rules about sexuality).

I was always told by those around (aside from my mother, who's a beacon of light in a dark world) that to be normal was to be straight. Anything else was wrong.

I'm here to say that there is a strong fallacy in that statement.

Sexuality isn't simple. Sexuality is exceptionally complex, in fact; Just a quick read through the Wikipedia article on human sexuality can make my point for me, but I'd like to expand a bit on how I perceive sexuality today, and whether definitions truly matter.

There are a large number of people who have certain tastes when it comes to their sexual preferences. Some prefer to be dominated. Some prefer blondes over brunettes. Some like thin, lithe women, and others prefer husky men.

That doesn't mean that those classifications are their only pursuit in attraction.

Sapiosexuality. Androsexuality. Metrosexuality. The list goes on. Even then, these terms are only used as basic descriptors in most cases, to help us in our pursuit of our attractions. To say we are just one of those is to say we haven't truly explored ourselves, in most cases.

I've kissed men before. I've even found some men attractive. I was attracted to a person born physically male who identified as a woman a few years ago (she was very attractive, by even most strict heterosexual's standards). I find the mind an infinitely attractive thing when it comes to my sexuality, but physical portions of the body, such as eyes, butts, legs, and breasts arouse me, too. Redheads are amazing.

Girls kissing at a bar aren't always just being playful. A guy who has a threesome with another guy isn't just a "bro" tagging a "bitch" with his buddy. A woman who wears men's clothing and cuts her hair short isn't a dyke.

They are just people. To pigeon-hole humanity into classifications is, in my mind, akin to segregation when it comes to race.

We need to understand that sexuality isn't simple. Sexuality is, in truth, fluid. Love and sexual attraction are what they are, and the sooner we can realize that, the sooner we can move on as a society to accomplish great things. Join me in saying that sexuality isn't simple by wearing the temporary tattoo!


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