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Welcome to my Pain Propaganda

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by WFL

I’ve re-written this damned post 5 times now, and I’m soft-launching today, so like my trip at the range for my 40th birthday attempting to nail down my DOPE at 400 yards with a 22LR.. Good enough, send it., my old blog, is soft-shutting down this weekend and will end up being a landing page for weird experimental web art most likely.

All the critical content related to my works - art, writing, photography, journalism, activism, music, and whatever bullshittery I imagine I can do - will be here.

So, here we are.. Version 2.0 of Pain Propaganda, with some expansion coming later down the road (mostly in improving the tech stack and rendering - we’re running Next.js 13 with Tailwinds and Markdown, bee-tee-dubs).

Look, I have a reason for this thing’s existence.

I want you to buy my shit if you like it.

I want you to support me on Patreon if you REALLY like it (even for just $1 per month).

I want you to share it if you can’t do either.

Pain Propaganda is me.. A hard-left exposition of vulgarity as a relief for suffering in all forms (and hopefully a relief for the strain on my wallet - healthcare is expensive AF).

Maybe I’d do better creating basic-ass shit for the basic-ass folks, but - like my bio on the homepage says - I don't create for the masses. I create for my fellow spoonies. My fellow LGBTQ+ folk. My fellow anti-fascists. My fellow fucking weirdos.

In fact, I bet that every one of you reading this falls into at least one of those silos.

If so? Welcome.

If not?

You’re still welcome.

Don’t shit on the floor, though.

-Will "the middle initial F should be for 'Fuck' at this point" Leffert