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Trans Rights = Human Rights: The Headlines Project

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by WFL

With the 2016 election bringing forward a new Republican lead government, I thought it was high-time I approached a major issue to many Americans: Trans Rights Are Human Rights.

First, let me define what a trans person is in a simple a manner as possible: A trans person identifies with a different gender than what they are physically.

Transgender people have existed throughout history. Just a quick search online will pull up countless articles, but I thought this one might be more easily consumed for the listicle generation.

The biggest fear, as of right now, is the uncertainty of trans rights under a Trump administration. With the appointment of conservative judges, the cutting of Federal aid programs that have helped trans people, and the increase of hate crimes thanks to people who think a Trump administration makes it OK, we're looking at a step back from the barely substantial growth of trans rights. Of course, Mike Pence's stance is less than enlightened when it comes to trans rights.

Let's look at the bathroom issue. Many will argue that they don't want some pervert who will dress as a man to molest their daughter in the bathroom.

Here's my response: What is stopping them now? Nothing.

Who will protect the trans people when they have to use a men's restroom while appearing to be a woman?

Who will protect the trans children?

How in the hell do you even enforce it.

Sexual abuse is already illegal, no matter where it occurs, or who it occurs with. To say that we are giving tacit approval by allowing people to utilize the bathroom of the gender they identify with is, quite simply, absurd. Here's just a few simple arguments that make my case.

This isn't the first time I've touched on gender and sexuality with the headlines project. It probably won't be the last.

Trans Rights Are Human Rights. If you'd like to join me in The Headlines Project's Words Matter piece, either download & print the temporary tattoo (my logo is optional), or share this post with your friends.


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