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by WFL

If there was one thing obvious about me it's.. Well, I'm fucking vulgar.

Ok, but if there was another thing, it'd be.. Holy shit, I do a lot of different stuff.

Ok, ok, for real this time: A lot of folks know I suffer from chronic pain due to.. Well, something we can't fully diagnose yet. I'm also a fan of precision rifle shooting.

About a month ago I hit my first sub-MOA group with my new rifle; I finally found the ammo this rifle likes, and also had a low-wind day at the range.

Around that same time, I wanted to make a morale patch for my fellow spoonies who enjoy precision rifle shooting.

Why PRS specifically? Well, it's a sport that a lot of spoonies can probably kick-ass at in some way, in the same way a lot of normies do. Sure, many of us are relegated to benchrest shooting, but if my trips to the range are any indication I'm still a pretty damned good shot relative to a lot of folks (although there were a couple folks putting a 6.5CM through it's paces at 650 yards that were having some success, too).

Thus, Sub-MOA Spoonies was born.

As I was designing the patch, I got the idea to build out an entire challenge around it, and then thought.. Let's also use it to get the word out about my fellow spoonies' lives.

So, if you're a spoonie and enjoy rifle shooting, follow through to the Sub-MOA Spoonies website and also let me know if you're interested in telling your spoonie story!

Sub-MOA Spoonie celebrates overcoming the challenges spoonies have in life and showing the normies that we can still kick a little ass. Learn more at the Sub-MOA Spoonies website and find out how you can complete the Sub-MOA Spoonie Challenge.