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Where Is The Kindness? The Headlines Project

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by WFL

Where is the kindness?

This holiday season, beyond the debate of a war on Christmas, Christians (who compose about 70% of the US populace as of writing this) are supposedly celebrating the birth of their savior. A savior who professed love for all, and abhorred judgement.

So, I ask again, where is the kindness?

We're seeing a distinct lack of it this holiday season, that's for sure.

We've elected a man to the presidency who has no business in the office, which comes to light even further with his cabinet appointments. Holiday road rage is such a big deal that even auto insurance agencies have blogged about it. We focus on gifts so much that, if anything goes wrong, many of us succumb to the seven deadly sins.

We profess to be a nation of Christians, but we lack such basic kindness that it is hard to believe. We're denying entire cultures of the oppressed and suffering safe haven, we want to cut benefits that help those less fortunate because of the idea that they MIGHT abuse it, and so much more than I even have the time to write about. Is this what Jesus preached? No. I may not be a Christian any longer, but I did study it for years upon years, including taking college classes.

Once more, where is the kindness?

I ask you all to try to bring kindness back. It's perfectly OK to start simple; help someone at the grocery store. Hold doors open. Say "Thank You".

Then, maybe you can actually move on to greater things.. like actually helping people in need without judgement.

This will be my last headline for a long while, most likely; the social impact isn't what it used to be, so I'll be spending time on more mediums for social reform.

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