Pain Propaganda

Anti-Fascist, Anti-Ableist, Pro-LGBTQ+, fucking wierd art by WFL

Pain Propaganda / What is this?

Or: Holy shit, get a load of this guy's ego.

A partially AI-generated hand giving you the middle finger

Pain Propaganda is a source for alternative art by an alternative artist.

Pain Propganda is me taking my creative pursuits that I have developed over numerous years and sharing them with you, in the hopes that you'll spend a little money and buy something out of the menagerie of creativity that I have produced in various mediums.. And sometimes, that shit is "Fucking Wierd".

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Ok, well.. / What makes your shit worth buying?

Painting of Moby Dick as a hand puppet coming out of the sea

Because it appeals to you.

Loo, I've been making art and music for a very long time. Long enough to have grown tired of playing the politics of the art world. My philosophy is, quite simply, this: If you like it, buy it. It's really that simple.

I'm not here for the haves winning over the have-nots. I don't care about appreciation of value; I care about apprecation of aesthetics.. However distorted they may be.

Don't you want a photorealistic painting of Moby Dick as a giant fucking handpuppet that was partially AI generated (and also available as a shower curtain, for fuck's sake)?

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Pain Propaganda / Artist Statement

Why are you so goddamned vulgar, Will?

Portrait of Artist WFL

Pain Propaganda isn't just alliteration.

I am someone who lives in constant, unceasing physical pain. Pain that has limited me in so many ways; preventing me from pursuing my creativity the way I used to.

I also recognize a world full of pain. Fascism, ignorance and general hate surround us, causing a different kind of pain.

Studies show that swearing can actually reduce the impact of pain.. And as a music instructor once told me: Better to be vulgar than non-existent. That's a Bev Hensen quote, by the way.

I spread my own brand of vulgarity across the world, and share it with all of you, hoping you find your own relief in what I create. I may not have the more well-refined technique of my peers, but I stopped caring about that long ago.

I don't create for the masses. I create for my fellow spoonies. My fellow LGBTQ+ folk. My fellow anti-fascists. My fellow fucking weirdos..

..But ultimately, as all art should be, I create for me.