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Measuring air quality and creating (sometimes vulgar) visualizations

What A Dumpster Fire

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With fall comes a rise (in pain)

Gambling on Life: Changing Seasons, Changing Pain

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Finally free after 8 years of living with a cane

Gambling on Life: Finding real success in treatment

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A legend in his own mind.. Sometimes.

Will: A Sub-MOA Spoonie Story

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Pain, Precision & Pride

Welcome to Sub-MOA Spoonies

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Turning simple tasks into obnoxious chores

Gambling on Life: Chronic pain and a social life

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Using the term “successful” loosely

How I built a successful gaming news site

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Shove that coffee enema up your own ass.

Gambling on Life: Unsolicited Healthcare Advice

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Walking a tightrope just to barely function

Gambling on Life: The delicate balancing act of health

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